The first important step to facilitate a successful M&A transaction is to optimally structure the transaction, accounting for the jurisdictions of the parties, the target company’s industry, the acquirer’s internal objectives, and tax implications.  AplusLaw prides us in assisting our clients to arrive at transaction structures that provide the best results in Viet Nam and other jurisdictions relevant to the transaction.

Our M&A attorneys collaborate with Apluslaw’s other practice groups to conduct comprehensive due diligence, including reviews of tax, fair trade, real estate, labor and employment, environment, litigation, and intellectual property matters.  This interdisciplinary approach allows us to identify and resolve issues at an early stage and set the groundwork for a successful transaction from execution through post-merger integration.

Our M&A Practice liaises closely with relevant government authorities to facilitate necessary filing, registration, and approval processes.  Our broad team of attorneys and other professionals such as accountants and tax experts obviate the need for our clients to engage third party service providers and enhance our ability to successfully close transactions without compromising confidentiality.