Nguyen Duy Anh

Nguyen Duy Anh



Dispute & Contentious matters

M&A and Corporate

Capital markets


Anti- corruption

  • Ho Chi Minh Law, L.L.B, 2007
  • Fulbright School of Public Policy and Management, M.P.P, 2019

Story of Attorney

Dear Clients,

I always believe that every client who comes to Apluslaw, every settlement has a deep connection to his surrounding relations. It all resonates and impacts each other, even surely will impact my life and my family. Any breakdown, failure, negativity in solving that incident will create something “evil” for my own life and the people around me. Therefore, addressing it properly and aiming for good sustainable values is contributing to building a good living environment for all.

I thank you for your trust and for giving me the opportunity to build this life better.

Best regards,

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