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“Accompanying [Aplus Law] from the very beginning helps Coolmate solve a lot of legal issues and confidently manage, support the team to work in accordance with the law, especially when calling for capital and having more investors makes the process of calling for investment more convenient. Not only helps businesses save money, but also time, which is extremely important in doing Startup. Having Attorney of [Aplus Law] always beside us to handle all legal matters makes us more confident in our business.”

Mr. Pham Chi Nhu
CE0 Fastech Asia Co., Ltd., founder of Coolmate fashion brand

Jul 30,2019

“Previously my case did with other lawyers, the bribery they had suggestions and I did, however the incident was only early. I didn’t feel right to continue with my old lawyer, I lost faith in the Vietnamese lawyers and court system, until I met with my Attorney Duy Anh. He showed me that keeping his duty and trying to the end would find justice and bad would not be possible for long. My case was five years with two acquittal convictions by the judge, but I was not discouraged and we finally picked the sweet fruit without bribery or forgery. My family is grateful to the Attorney Duy Anh very much”

Mr. T.T.H
Client in the land dispute case

Sep 10,2011

“ Attorney Duy Anh always focus on the most effective solution even if they fall into the most extreme situation”

Ms. Ngoc Anh
Pefetti Co., Ltd

Jul 30,2021

“Thank you for your enthusiastic support, handling the workload faster than the our request. Will definitely continue to cooperate and accompany the rest of the way, when we need legal advice.” 

Mr. Ngo Huu Duc Phuong
CEO of Inamori Joint Stock Company.

Jul 01,2021

“Working with Attorney Duy Anh, I was able to explain all issues in all aspects of the relevant law, I am completely assured that I entrusted the case to Attorney Duy Anh” 

Ms.Cao Thi Hong Van
Head Planning Deparment of Lotte Date Communication

Jul 30,2021

“Greatest of Greats!!! Very happy to hear such good news!!! Thanks Huyen san. Thank you very much for your great support, indeed.”

Mrs. Mihara Miho
Owner and CEO of Manteiv company limited (100% Japanese owned company)

Jul 30,2021

“Thank you, Ms. Huyen, for enthusiastically supporting me alot. Working with you I feel very secure. If I do not understand anything, you will enthusiastically explain and guide me. So if there is a chance, I still want to cooperate and work with you 🙂 Thank you very much”

Ms. Phan Cam Xuyen
Chau Chau Phu Quoc Co., Ltd

Jul 30,2021

“Thanks to Attorney Huyen. My case was quickly resolved by her, she helped me to relieve my frustration, depression, and even poverty because of being oppressed by bad guys.”

Ms. Le Ai Duyen
Client in the labor dispute case

Jul 30,2021

“I feel the care, sympathy, sharing and responsibility on the basis of professionalism (just like what my friends commented when working with Attorney Huyen). During the time working together, we have encountered many obstacles and difficulties, I myself have been confused and disappointed many times when I heard the judgment of the first instance court, but the Attorney is always beside me, encouraging and reassuring safe me. I will never forget the look and tight grip of the Attorney when she told me “You absolutely won’t give up, I will always be by your side and go to the end, you should believe in justice and the law.” Today my case journey was successful, once again I would like to express my appreciation and gratitude to Attorney Huyen.

Ms. Nguyen My D
client in the complicated divorce lawsuit.

Jul 30,2021

“I always peace in my mind when working with Attorney Duy Anh.”

Director of MKFOOD Co., Ltd

Jul 30,2021