Anti-corruption and compliance have become increasingly important in the Vietnamese.  The consequences of failing to comply with Vietnamese laws are serious and can include the imposition of heavy fines and sanctions, civil damage claims, tarnished reputation, and even criminal liability for responsible individuals.  The attorneys and other professionals in our Anti-Corruption & Corporate Compliance Practice assist foreign and Vietnamese companies in analyzing, reviewing, and assessing the risk of non-compliance and establishing and implementing appropriate and effective business practices, corporate policies and rules, codes of conduct and ethics, internal control systems, and monitoring systems to ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

Our Attorneys regularly provide anti-corruption and corporate compliance training to employees of multinational companies based in Vietnamese and assist companies with implementing internal compliance training programs based on relevant anti-corruption legislation and codes of conduct.

We also provide advice on follow-up remedial measures based on the results of the internal investigation including refining business practices, structuring effective corporate compliance systems, and monitoring systems, and taking disciplinary measures.  Alleged violations or breaches we have helped investigate and address include financial misconduct such as embezzlement and bribery, improper labor and employment practices, breach of privacy or data security, and occupational safety issues.


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